All that is necessary for tyranny to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

photo of man with short beard in a fedora and brown jacket standing in front of a brick wall

Meet Forrest Jones–a good man meeting the inherent challenge against tyranny by doing something.

(He’s running for senate.)

But why have I come to a website called Indiana Gump? Who is this Forrest Jones guy anyway?

…and why does he want to represent California in the United States Senate?

Forrest is a mix of bumbling everyman who succeeds despite himself and intrepid adventurer seeking treasures for the betterment of mankind. With such a personality–and such a name–is it any wonder that he has adopted the idea of Indiana Gump to represent himself?

An infographic with arrows indicating you can swap the first and last names of Forrest Jones and Indiana Gump to get Forrest Gump and Indiana Jones.

Forrest has been married to his lovely wife (that’s his standard descriptor for her) for more than twenty years. They have three children, and have chosen to live in a Tiny Home on wheels. He has managed unique properties that need interesting solutions, failed in a business start-up while retaining the friendship of his business partner, taught agriculture & business (in person & online) at community colleges, been a salesman, flipped houses, and is currently the owner of a successful small service business.

Okay, so he’s a good guy. Why would he want to run for senate?

Photo of the constitution on parchment with a quill pen.

Simply this…

Forrest believes that the Constitution, while not a perfect document, remains an excellent guide to the principles with which the United States should be running, and that there’s an urgent need for good people to stand and to act.

The urgency–or fire if you will–is right here, right now. Nearly everyone seems to think there are serious problems with our country today. The solution? Well, firefighters back-burn from a chosen boundary to prevent wildfires from continuing unchecked. Let’s light a fire together.


Land of the free, right? Why don’t we believe that any longer? What does freedom mean, anyway?


What makes freedom function? How do we create a society that isn’t at odds with itself?


Freedom means…

  • each person is free to think and believe and feel exactly what they think is true and right.
  • that you’re free to talk to me about your beliefs and thoughts, & I’m welcome to say I don’t feel like participating in that discussion–and vice versa.
  • we are allowed to be angry about something.
  • that thing is allowed to happen anyway–within the moral code.
  • we are allowed to discuss what we believe to be inexorable truths, why they are true, and what that means in the practicality of living our lives.

Freedom means a lot of things, but it does not mean anarchy.


Innovation means…

  • we stop the insanity–continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.
  • we seek new ideas and solutions
  • we look at older ideas–like the constitution–to determine how to implement the intent of the framers who hoped for a better country than all previous attempts.
  • we keep an open-minded curiosity as we strive for a better society.

Innovation means a lot of things, but it does not mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater; sometimes older ideas just need different implementation.


Responsibility means…

  • not pushing blame on others.
  • making–and owning–our own choices.
  • mentally, physically, and morally taking responsibility for our beliefs and actions in a comprehensible and tangible way.
  • living our freedom in such a way that we don’t impinge on others’ freedom.

Responsibility means we don’t get to brush aside uncomfortable truths in favor of blithe and insubstantial flights of fancy.

Everything Else

No. This is not the “cop-out” category. Rather, it is the acknowledgement that our lives are complex and there are many specific issues that need addressing. I trust that based on my ideas about Freedom, Innovation, and Responsibility, you will have some understanding of my opinions and beliefs regarding the plethora of issues that do face us.

  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Etcetera

Got Questions? Just email Forrest. Or explore some of the links at the bottom of the page; there are organizations that have asked in-depth questions on issues.

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

How can I help elect Forrest to the Senate?

Talk to people. Send an email. Mention Indiana Gump where you think it will have the most positive impact. The idea is that we all hope we are good people, doing something–and that something isn’t spending a bunch of money to “buy” a seat in congress. We crave your support, but the support we want is spreading the word about Forrest and his campaign. If you’ve got questions, please email us. Depending on the question, Forrest, his wife, or even one of his kids will get back to you with the answers you need. The key is spreading the word about a man who grew up in the heart of the mountains and ag land of California, who calls the Central Valley home, who believes in the constitution and responsibility–a man who desires to represent you.